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Whether you’re in the mood for an Indian feast, the family are craving a Chinese takeaway, or you’re keen for a late night kebab, Deliveroo will get the best food from top restaurants delivered to your door in no time.
Everything is on the menu. From nationally loved chains, such as KFC and Subway, to local favourites, we’ve got them all just waiting to be delivered to you hot and ready to eat. If you’ve run out of milk or eggs, you can also order that from one of our grocery partners.
You can search in your area by:
Your favourite cuisine, dish or restaurant brand
Dietary needs, fastest delivery time, top rated and more
Whether you need your food now or schedule it for later
Skip the queue with our ‘pick it up’ option
The ‘offers’ section gives you access to top discounts
You’ll know exactly where your food is with our tracker where you can:
Track the progress of your food being made in real time
Be alerted when your rider is on the way and is close to you
Share your tracker with a group for larger orders
We are always offering exclusive offers in our offers tab also so make sure to download now!

Novidades da versão 3.62.0

The Deliveroo app gets better with time – like a bolognese sauce, gently simmering on the stove.
Update to the latest version and you'll enjoy a generous dollop of bug fixes and a sprinkling of performance improvements.
Bon appetit!










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Versão 3.42.0
They was not accepting any of my 4 different credit cards

Not recommended

Versão 3.39.0
It’s a shame that you can't get in touch with restaurant. An item in my order was missing and Deliveroo didn’t give me an option to contact the restaurant. My first time using was stressful and that was the only one. I don’t recommend it.

Salva nas larica

Renan Gaia
Versão 3.29.0
Muy bueno

Deliveroo Plus

Versão 3.28.0
Completely disappointing how information about the deliveroo plus are shown for customers.
Expecting to have a free trial first, I signed in for the first month and I was immediately charged.
Than the whole process became worse. The restaurant I was supposed to make my order don’t accept the deliveroo plus.
I called to understand more about the deliveroo plus and the answers I had was, I have no ideia how you find information.
Thanks deliveroo

Message to the restaurant

Versão 3.22.0
It’s not possible to send a message to the restaurant. Eg: I would like no jalapeños in my nachos.

14 Days Trial - Deliveroo Plus

Versão 3.21.0
This all offers 14 days free of Deliveroo Plus but at the same time charges you €10,00.

The best deliver platform

Versão 3.19.0
The best service and deliver platform among all other apps in the market!! I order deliveroo 2-3x a week, it saves my life!


Versão 3.12.0
WORST APP OF HISTORY, every time I use it appears several purchases I did not make on my card


Versão 2.62.1
After todays update, doesnt work, i cant order food and I paid 1 month to get free delivery.


Elisandra Souza
Versão 2.59.0
App fantastique // very good app ... specially when you’re hungry

The worst customer service

Versão 2.57.0
The app is alright, but the customer service is beyond terrible. This guy called "jusepine" literally ended the chat without answering my question. They are totally unable to help you if theres any issue and dont really seem to care about that.
Highly recommend Uber Eats and Menulog for your deliveries, dont waste your time in this trash


Ana palombini
Versão 2.44.0
They take your money when the app doesnt work and tell you it is your problem bc you made 3 orders yourself.
I definetly TRIED 3x, but their app is so SHI* that it didnt work (but they had no problem charging me and manipulating me into saying i did it myself, to then use my words against me)...
Just swell... paid 70 eur for 2 burgers in the end!
USE GLOVO!!!!!! NOT deliveroo (plus they exploit their workers, just check glassdoor, it is commonly known they are also bad employers, no wonder their customer service is how it is)


Rach Gomes
Versão 2.40.2
They don’t have riders to deliver the food. Unbelievable!

Very good app

Versão 2.39.0
The app is good but the delivery guys need more training. They think they can ask about your life! One of them asked my phone number and I was scared about that! Please, train your staff!

Lixo não funciona, não espere sua comida

Versão 2.31.1
Fiz um pedido a noite em londres, fiquei esperando por horas o aplicativo disse que estava chegando e ficou mudando o tempo de entrega. Lixo de aplicativo. Não usem.

Constantly delaying delivery

Versão 2.30.0
Frequently my orders are 30 min delayed, even when I schedule with 2 hours in advance. For 3 times the order came with wrong itens. If tou complain with custom service, they don’t do much

Bad quality service

Versão 2.16.1
I ordered at 1 PM a delivery for 2:45 PM, put 20 min later the delivery guy isn't there ( I called the restaurant) and Deliveroo isn't capable of keeping me updated about my situation. Moreover, I am not able to cancel my order.

Amazing service

Versão 2.14.0
The best service, even if you have problems thy will fix really fast.

So easy

Letícia Rodrigues
Versão 2.4.0
I've been ordering from Deliveroo for a couple months now and no matter the food I ordered there's no mistake. Once it was delayed though and the Deliveroo team made sure I'd get the message. They called me, texted me and even emailed me. The sort of commitment with the costumer is not only admirable but that's what makes me always order from them: trust.
Best thing in Manly so far.